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Introducing our law firm
Clear Water Lake

Disciplined Investing

Who we are

Cedar Lane Capital was founded to serve as a trusted partner to investors around the world. We believe that effective risk management, targeted portfolio construction and alignment of interests are key to achieving long-term investment success. 

Our investment strategies are structured as standalone solutions but can also be employed as complementary positions in an investor's broader portfolio. 

Our Business



Modern capital markets are interconnected and dynamic. At Cedar Lane Capital, we believe that serving our partners best requires a global perspective.



Our philosophy of compounding capital within a risk managed framework forms the basis of our investment thinking. This allows us to take a long-term view throughout the investment management process.



We provide investment solutions that meet the unique needs of our partners. Be it traditional or alternative investment strategies, the team at Cedar Lane Capital has considerable experience investing across global asset classes.



Our clients are our partners. Cedar Lane Capital was founded to serve as a trusted investment advisor to clients around the world.

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient"

Warren Buffett

Barley Fields

Cedar Lane Capital

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